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Our attorneys regularly advise fiduciaries of estates, trusts, curatorship and tutorship of various sizes.  We take great care to make certain that the last wishes of the decedent are carried out and that property is transferred at death or during life in the most cost efficient and tax wise manner. Our attorneys take pride in providing extremely high quality estate planning and administration services at competitive and reasonable fees.

Succession and estate administration is a complex process that unfolds during the most difficult of times. Our dedication to understanding our clients and the needs of their family enables us to navigate them through this difficult time with as little interruption and frustration as possible. Our attorneys handle all filings before the courts and are able to oversee the asset evaluation process, including obtaining valuations and preparing the required inventories. We also assist with creditors’ claims and estate distributions, and are equipped to handle both federal estate tax returns and state death tax returns.  When necessary, we represent estate beneficiaries in contested matters and negotiate settlements.

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