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Trusts are an important aspect of estate planning and asset protection, and are often key to maintaining harmonious family relations. We work closely with clients to construct the proper trust arrangements to meet their needs.  We are then available each step of the way to see that the administration and distribution of the trust are handled smoothly and effectively.  Our attorneys advise trustees as well as beneficiaries on both the legal and tax aspects and implications of trust administration. We provide guidance on construction, interpretation, revocation, and reformation of the trust in accordance with the trust agreement and compliance with state and federal law.

We often assist beneficiaries in understanding and, if need be, enforcing their rights to distributions, accounting information, and any additional information they are entitled to receive, particularly when there has been a breach of one or more fiduciary duties. We also advise on adjudication and dispute resolution when issues arise between beneficiaries and can assist in identifying and recovering trust assets when necessary.

Our attorneys also establish and administer tutorships. Depending on the situation, we can assist with drafting powers of attorney and supported decision making agreements, representation of the tutor, and the opening and closing of the tutorships for minors and incapacitated adults.

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